Google BigQuery

Set up a BigQuery warehouse

If you already have a BigQuery warehouse set up, you can skip this step.

  • In the search bar, look for BigQuery

  • Go through one of the guides to "Add your own data".

  • You can test that things work by querying the resulting dataset table.

Configure a Google Service Account

A Google service account is a special kind of account that can be used by programs to access Google resources like a BigQuery data warehouse. You will use this service account to connect DataCamp DataLab to your BigQuery warehouse.

To set up a new Google Service Account, please refer to this excellent guide. At the end of it, you'll have the JSON credentials file that you can use to set up the BigQuery connection in DataLab.

Set up a Google BigQuery connection

When inside a workbook, click View > Databases, then click the + icon and follow the on-screen instructions. Upload the Service Account JSON and hit "Connect".

For detailed instructions, see Connect your data to DataLab.

Query the database

You can now query the BigQuery data warehouse with a SQL cell. Select it in the Select source dropdown in the top left corner of a SQL cell, or select the sample BigQuery data warehouse.

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