Show Bokeh and Pyvis plots

DataLab supports most visualisation libraries available for Python and R like matplotlib and plotly. Some visualisation libraries require special attention to correctly generate output in DataLab.


Bokeh (docs)

DataLab does not natively support outputs from Bokeh. The guide outlined in the Bokeh docs for Jupyter notebooks is not supported. In DataLab it is required to generate a HTML output. You can use the following helper function to display a Bokeh graph:

from IPython.display import HTML
from bokeh.embed import file_html
from bokeh.resources import CDN

def display_bokeh(bokeh_figure):
    return HTML(file_html(bokeh_figure, CDN))

Pyvis (docs)

Pyvis writes outputs to HTML files. The following example contains a helper function display_pyvis which takes a pyvis graph and a name as arguments and will return the HTML output of the graph.

from IPython.display import HTML
from pyvis import network as net
import networkx as nx

def display_pyvis(pyvis_graph, name):
    filename = f"{name}.html"
    return HTML(filename=filename)    

g = net.Network(notebook=True, cdn_resources='in_line')
nxg = nx.complete_graph(5)

display_pyvis(g, "pyvis-example")

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