To work with data in a MongoDB database, you first need to create a set of Environment variables to securely store the connection credentials. Next, you can write some Python code to establish a connection and run queries.

Store MongoDB credentials

Create a new Python workbook (or duplicate this workbook that already has all the Python code you'll need in the next step).

In your new workbook, click on "Environment", and click on "+" next to "Environment variables". You need to create 3 environment variables:

  • MONGO_HOST: Where your MongoDB cluster/database is hosted, e.g.

  • MONGO_USER: The username with which to connect to your MongoDB cluster

  • MONGO_PASS: The username's password.

Give a meaningful name to this set of Environment variables, e.g. "MongoDB Cluster". Click Save and continue until your session is restarted to activate these environment variables.

Query the database

Create a new Python cell and include the following code snippet to create a new Mongo client that connects to the database. Notice how the environment variables are fetched from the environment using os.environ.

!pip install pymongo

import os
from pymongo.mongo_client import MongoClient
from pymongo.server_api import ServerApi

uri = f'mongodb+srv://{os.environ.get("MONGO_USER")}:{os.environ.get("MONGO_PASS")}@{os.environ.get("MONGO_HOST")}/?retryWrites=true&w=majority'

# Create a new client and connect to the server
client = MongoClient(uri, server_api=ServerApi('1'))

You can now run queries! To start, you can do a ping command to verify that the connection works fine:

    print("Pinged your deployment. You successfully connected to MongoDB!")
except Exception as e:

For a quick overview of what PyMongo enables you to do, check out this comprehensive tutorial. It covers how you can get a database, a collection, find documents, insert documents, and more.

Limit allowed incoming IP addresses

The network calls from the Python or R sessions will always come from one of three fixed, DataCamp-owned IP addresses. You can lock down your MongoDB instance to only accept these IP addresses:




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