Version history

With version history, you can review and restore previous versions of notebooks in your workbook. To access the version history of a workbook, you need edit access to the workbook.

New versions are automatically created

All changes you make to notebook files are automatically saved and a new version (attributed to the user that made the change) is created automatically as well. This happens every minute when there are new changes.

Access version history

You can access the version history of a workbook in two ways:

  • When in the editor, click on "Last edit was ... ago" in the toolbar:

  • When in the editor, click on "File > View version history".

You now land in a new view with an overview of all previous version of the notebook on the right hand side. If there are multiple notebooks in your workbook, you can cycle through the version history of every notebook separately by clicking on the notebook file name in the navbar.

Restoring a version

This is a safe operation: the restored version is simply a new version in the version history. You can simply undo the operation by restoring to a version from before the restored version (pretty meta).

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